“Meat vegetable studio UMAIMESHI” located a 3-minute walk from Nishi-Chiba Station

Both food and drinks are carefully selected and provided for what you think is really delicious.
Please enjoy a variety of dishes that are not restricted to genres.
Please use alone, couples and families.

Finest meat

This brand meat cannot be handled at any store, such as A5 rank Sendai beef, which is the highest quality marbled Japanese beef, and Meishan pork, the top-grade pork.

In our shop, we cook such meat so that everyone can eat it deliciously.
We think that you can feel the amazing taste different from the meat that you are used to eating.
Why not try not only the rarity, but also the rich taste and elegant meat quality?

Fresh and delicious vegetables

We are particular about vegetables and we are dealing with various farmers.

As for the procurement of ingredients, chefs and owners who are qualified as vegetable sommeliers will carefully select and purchase.
For example, the wasabi used at Bruschetta, from Shizuoka to potatoes and whitebait, talked to local people.

We strive to purchase something that is delicious and safe.

More than 45 kinds of wine at all times
Sake lovers will also be satisfied

As for wine
Glasses are 3 kinds of red and white + 2 kinds of recommended today.
Select bottles from reasonable to rich.
We buy interesting wines from all over the world, such as Israeli red wines, that go well with food.

As for sake
Recommended items such as “Mutuotokoyama” and “Sakadoyama” are available, and brands are changed according to the season.

Easy lunch from 11 o'clock! we also prepare drinks too.

Awajishima curry with a deep taste that changes in three stages is popular.
There are popular Neapolitan, other set meals and rice bowls sent directly from fishing ports.

For cafe time, we offer veggie burgers and iron plate French toast.
You can use it for a short break.
Meat vegetable studio UMAIMESHI 043-239-5954

Lunch 11: 00-14: 00
Cafe 14: 00-17: 00
Dinner 17:00-24:00 (Friday and Saturday-26:00)

Regular holiday: None