Recommended red wine

Jardden Cabernet Sauvignon
[Israel / Full body]
-Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
* Israeli famous sake Jarden. Condensed fruitiness and complexity with 18 months of barrel aging, deep aroma. Grape shop's most popular full body!
Bottle ¥ 9,980
Tedeschi Amarone della Valpolicella
[Italy / Full body]
-Variety: Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella
* Kimmelian lime and clay mixed soil. 5% barrel aging to take advantage of the fresh fruit and the fresh and sharp acidity.
Bottle ¥ 9,980
Bouchard Pere et Fiss Gevrey Chambertin
[France / medium body]
-Variety: Pinot Noir
* A rich and complex wine that takes advantage of the fruit and beautiful acidity reminiscent of black cherry. Features of Juvre Chambertin, such as wet soil and iron.
Bottle ¥ 10,800
Chateau Lagrange
[France / Full body]
-Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot
* A popular rating chateau that has dramatically improved quality in recent years. Grade 3 Plump and elegant style with classic Medoc tannins.
Bottle ¥ 12,800
Cloudy Beipino Noir
[New Zealand / medium body]
-Variety: Pinot Noir
* Dark cherry and wild berry fruit and spice aromas full of wildness, smooth tannins and deep taste are very elegant.
Bottle ¥ 8,980
Chateau Mercian Wanko Merlot
[Japan / Full body]
-Variety: Merlot
* Condensed scent and fruit reminiscent of the dry life rules. A well-balanced wine with powerful tannins.
Bottle ¥ 9,980
Catena Alta Malbec
[Argentina / Full body]
-Variety: Malbec
* Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels (70% new barrels). Plum and cassis flavor and black pepper notes. It is full-bodied but has a soft, sweet tannin feel.
Bottle ¥ 10,800
Newton unfiltered Pinot Noir
[USA / medium body]
-Variety: Pinot Noir
* Ripe black cherries, spices, and dark chocolate aromas, rich raspberry and blackberry flavors.
Bottle ¥ 11,800
Ceret Barolo
[Italy / Full body]
-Variety: Nebbiolo
* Barolo's prestigious celletto family. The wine style is tasteful with beautiful acid like Nebbiolo and elegant gentle soft tannins.
Bottle ¥ 12,800


Red wine

Vicente Herencia Antica Tint
[Spain / Light body]
-Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon & Bobal
* A refreshing drinking red wine with modest astringency and rich fruit. It goes well with meat dishes such as hamburgers and grilled ginger.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Cien y Cerro Cabernet Sauvignon
[Chile / medium body]
-Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon
* Ripe cassis, black cherry. A wine with a smooth mouthfeel wrapped in scents such as berries.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Cantina Lavolata Nerodvora
[Italy / Light body]
-Variety: Nero Darvilla
* All hand-picked low-priced wines. A refreshing drink with a modest astringency and rich fruit.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Le Grand Duc Rouge
[France / Light body]
-Variety: Merlot & Cabernet
* Overwhelming reasonable wine bottled in Bordeaux. It is good value for the price and has a solid feeling and the after-sales are beautiful.
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Wow wow wow! Shiraz
[Australia / medium body]
-Variety: Shiraz
* Scent of black fruit and spices like black cherry. Mellow and rich. The astringency is melting.
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Montplaisir Pinot Noir
[France / Light body]
-Variety: Pinot Noir
* Charming red fruit scent is unique to Pinot Noir. Chicken and light dishes in general.
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Terregenuine Barbera
[Italy / medium body]
-Variety: Barbera
* Northern Italian famous sake with a long and complex finish. It is excellent for parts with richness such as liver sticks and bird hearts.
Bottle ¥ 3,980
Chateau au Murrell Red 12
[South Africa / Full body]
-Variety: Merlot & Cabernet
* Bordeaux wines are powerful and elegant, with incredible performance from the price point of view.
Bottle ¥ 3,980
Rupert & Rothschild Classic 15
[South Africa / Full body]
-Variety: Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot
* You can enjoy the mellowness and tannins from the barrel in the condensed fruit. A gem that combines elegance as well as volumey taste.
Bottle ¥ 4,980

White wine

Vicente Herencia Antica Blanco
[Spain / fresh]
-Variety: Airen & Macabeo
* Fruity aroma and citrus aroma spread at once, balanced and refreshing taste.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Shen Y Cello Chardonnay
[Chile / mellow]
-Variety: Chardonnay
* White with a gorgeous scent and light-type balanced taste.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Cantine Lavolata Inzoria
[Italy / fresh]
-Variety: Inzoria
* Fresh & fruity white with modest aroma and rich fruit.
Glass ¥ 480
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Les Grand Duc Blanc
[France / rich]
-Variety: Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc
* Overwhelming reasonable wine bottled in Bordeaux. Rich and elegant acidity.
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Wow wow wow! Sauvignon Blanc
[Australia / gorgeous]
-Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
* Aromatic with a lush green image. Moderate acidity tightens the rear mouth. .
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Fish hook Chenin Blanc
[South Africa / gorgeous]
-Variety: Chenin Blanc
* It goes very well with salads, chicken dishes, and grilled fish.
Bottle ¥ 2,980
Terregenuine Pino Grigio
[Italy / Meloka]
-Variety: Pinogrillo
* A well-balanced white with a rich fruit flavor. Ahijo using olive oil and cooking using cheese ...
Bottle ¥ 3,980
Colli Euganay Paoni Bianco
[Italy / fresh]
-Variety: Garga Negative
* White fragrance reminiscent of apples made near Venice. It is also recommended for ginjo lovers of sake.
Bottle ¥ 3,980
Lagrange Jet Picpur de Pinay
[France / fresh]
-Variety: Picpur
* A refreshing wine with a slight saltiness made near the sea. Not only seafood but also yuzu pepper flavor ...
Bottle ¥ 3,980

sparkling wine

Terregeneine Puno Chardonnay Brut
[Italy / Dry]
-Variety: Pinobianco & Chardonnay
* Strong carbonated dry. An overwhelming reasonable spumante.
Glass ¥ 680
Bottle ¥ 2,580
Vina San Jose Cava Blot
[Spain / Dry]
-Variety: Macabeo & Charrero, etc.
* A refreshing and extremely hot, reminiscent of lemon juice. At the start of a meal
Bottle ¥ 3,980


Baron Fuente Jean de Villalet
[France / Dry]
-Variety: Chardonnay & Pinomnier
* A drinking gem Champagne with fans all over the world. Power & elegant. Anniversary ...
Bottle ¥ 7,980
Edsick Monopole Blue Top
[France / Dry]
-Variety: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay & Pinot Meunier
* One of the oldest champagne houses. Champagne that was officially adopted by the Titanic.
Bottle ¥ 12,800


“Sakadoyama” (Ginjo)
・ Production area / brewery: Niigata Prefecture Hakkaisan Sake Brewery
・ Rice rice: 500 million stones
・ Rice polishing rate: 60%
・ Sake degree: +5.0
・ Acidity: 1.2
* "Sakadoyama" (Mt.Sakado, 634 meters above sea level) is the symbolic site of Sakado Castle in the Minami Uonuma and Muikamachi area. It is popular with locals as a perfect mountain for light mountain climbing such as spring katuri. Sake that is easy to drink and can be enjoyed casually with a clean taste.
60ml ¥280
120ml ¥480
180ml ¥680
Tianshan (Special Pure Rice Wine)
・ Place of origin / Kuramoto: Tenzan Sake Brewery, Saga
・ Raw rice: Saganohana
・ Rice polishing rate: 60%
・ Sake degree: +3.0
・ Acidity: 1.6
* Finely polished high-quality sake rice from Saga Prefecture and brewed with underflow water from the Tenzan Mountains. Pure rice with a rich body that has a good balance of moderate sourness and the original flavor and aroma of rice. It is a signboard product of Tenzan Sake Brewery, which Mr. Tori also loves. It has always received high praise in the appraisal conducted by the Fukuoka National Taxation Bureau, and is a pure rice sake that can be cold or hot.
60ml ¥380
120ml ¥580
180ml ¥780
Wagauji(especially pure rice wine)
・ Production area / Kuramoto: Yamagata Prefecture Ouu jiman
・ Rice rice: Tsuyahime (organic produced in Yamagata Prefecture)
・ Rice polishing rate: 60%
・ Sake degree: -3.5
・ Acidity: 1.5
*A gem where you can feel the rich scent that is characteristic of "Gojutsu". The juicy umami and light sweetness that make you feel as if you are eating melon will make the cup go on and on. There is a mineral feeling unique to organic cultivation, and you can enjoy it in a wide temperature range from cold to warm.
60ml ¥380
120ml ¥580
180ml ¥780
tikuha(pure rice sake)
・ Production area / brewery: Suma Sake Brewery, Ishikawa
・ Rice: Gohyakumangoku from Noto
・ Rice polishing rate: 60%
・ Sake degree: +2.0
・ Acidity: 1.5
* Pure rice sake that uses cultivated rice from Noto to bring out the savory rice flavor and sharpness. You can enjoy the pleasant taste and firm taste and swelling of rice. Also goes well with meat dishes and rich dishes as a meal.・ Wonderful Sake Award 2016 Gold Prize in Wine Glass / ・ 2014 Ishikawa Prefecture Certified Sake
60ml ¥380
120ml ¥580
180ml ¥780
"Mutuotokoyama" (ultra-dry pure rice wine)
・ Production area / brewery: Hachinohe Sake Brewery, Aomori Prefecture
・ Rice: Masashigura
・ Rice polishing rate: 65%
・ Sake degree: +10.0
・ Acidity: 1.9
* Ultra dry pure rice with impact. Hachinohe Sake Brewery has a transparent, light and sharp finish. It is a versatile liquor that suits any Japanese, Western or Chinese cuisine.
60ml ¥380
120ml ¥580
180ml ¥780



Jim Beam Highball
* Good! Exhilarating sharpness! NEw Standard Highball!
kobo Highball
* Sweet and smooth highball
kobo sour ¥480
kobo Strong ¥580
* Brandy ginger
Premium highball
Makers Craft Highball
* It smells gorgeous. It tastes soft. Today is a good highball.
Suntory Chita Fragrant highball
* Enhance the taste of food with a light mouthfeel like the wind.
Hakushu forest fragrant highball
* The scent of fresh leaves grown in the forest distillery and the refreshing taste.
Yamazaki Premium Highball
* Sweet and smooth flavor brought up in rich nature on the outskirts of Kyoto.
Ballantine Highball ¥580


Jim Beam
* Mild taste derived from carefully selected corn.
Maker's Mark
* The only handmade bourbon born from a small Kentucky distillery.
Old crow
* A historical bourbon born in 1835. The trade name comes from the founder, James Crow, MD. It features a refreshing aroma and a deep taste.
Old granddad
* This is a bourbon genuine bourbon that pays homage to the pioneer of bourbon whiskey, Beisel Haden, and his descendants. Mild and smooth drinking, deep aroma and taste are loved by Bourbon enthusiasts.
Early Times ¥500
Ezra Brooks ¥600
Henry McKenner ¥600
IW Harper ¥600
Wild turkey ¥800
Fore Roses Black ¥800
Jack Daniel ¥700
Canadian club
* Smooth & mild loved in the world.
Canadian Club Black Label
* Premium whiskey with a smooth but solid body.
* Sweet and smooth flavor, raised in the 100 best waters of the Imperial Palace and the rich nature of the suburbs of Kyoto.
Suntory Chita
* Enhance the taste of food with a light mouthfeel like the wind.
* The scent of fresh leaves grown in the forest distillery and the refreshing taste.
* Japanese harmony born from the Japanese culture and created by the delicate sensibility and skill of the Japanese craftsman.
ichiro's Malt White ¥800
* A name brand representing Irish whiskey. "It has a delicate, smooth and pleasant mortality," and is highly regarded by experts. It is a unique whiskey with a mild flavor of raw barley.
* Peated single malt Irish whiskey made at Cooley Distillery in Ireland. In addition to the aroma of pete, the fruity aroma stands out, and the smooth yet complex taste is attractive.
Jameson ¥600
The McCarran 12 years
* Single malt rolls.
Glenfideck 12 Year Special Reserve
* Single malt scotch recognized by the world.
Bowmore 12 years
* The best balance isla malt.
* Premium scotch, characterized by its aging flavor.
Ballantine ¥ 600
Ballantine 12 years ¥ 700
Laphroaig 12 years
* Smokey Islamorto king.


The Premium Malts (raw) ¥480
Bottled beer
Orion beer ¥580
Qingdao ¥580
corona ¥680
Asahi bottle beer ¥680
Guinness ¥780
Beer cocktail
Shandy Gaff ¥580
Red eye ¥580
Kuramato & Beer ¥680
Dog's Nose ¥680
Camparivia ¥680
Boiler manufacturers ¥780


Lemon sour ¥380
★ Delicious lemon sour ¥580
Domestic lemon The ultimate lemon sour ¥780
Grapefruit sour ¥380
Yuzu sour ¥380
Plum wine 2 types ¥580


Please choose from lock, water split, soda split.

Barley shochu ¥480
Shochu ¥480

Plum wine

Please choose from lock, water split, soda split.

Plum wine ¥480


Jin Ricky ¥480
Gin and tonic ¥480
Jinbak ¥480
Gin lime ¥480
Moscome Mule ¥480
screwdriver ¥480
Bulldog ¥480
Salty dog ¥580
Bloody Mary ¥480
Bloody Caesar ¥580
Black Lucian ¥480
White lucian ¥480
Cue buriba ¥480
Lamb tonic ¥480
Rambuck ¥480
Mojito ¥680
Champagne mojito ¥880
Fruit mojito ¥980
Ram on the rock Various ¥ 480
Tequila shot ¥480
Tequila tonic ¥480
Tequila cola ¥480
Tequila back ¥480
Tequila sunrise ¥480
El Diablo ¥480
straw hat ¥480
Brave Bull ¥480

Liqueur cocktail

Cassis soda ¥480
Cassis ginger ¥480
Cassis orange ¥480
Cassis grapefruit ¥480
Cassis milk ¥480
Cassis oolong ¥480
Peach ginger ¥480
Fuzzy navel ¥480
Peach oolong ¥480
Strawberry milk ¥480
Malibu Cola ¥480
Malibu Pine ¥480
Malibu milk ¥480
Lychee orange ¥480
Lychee grapefruit ¥480
China blue ¥480
Campari Soda ¥480
Campari orange ¥480
Spumoni ¥480
Matcha milk ¥480
Shoyo Jyurin ¥480
Tiffin ginger ¥480
Tiffin milk ¥480
Tiffin Oolong ¥480
Kahlua milk ¥480
Pier spritzer ¥580
Karimocho ¥580
Kitty ¥580
Cardinal ¥580
Splitzer ¥580
operator ¥580
keel ¥580
Keel Royale ¥680
Mimosa ¥680
Godfather ¥480
Rusty nail ¥480
White wine & tomato ¥480
Bishop ¥580
American lemonade ¥580
Split Rouage ¥580
Keel Imperial ¥680
Leonardo ¥680
Perini ¥680
Black velvet ¥980

Soft drink

Takeout OK
Takeout OK
Tapioca milk
Takeout OK
Tapioca Matcha
Various types of coffee (hot or ice) ¥480
Various black teas (hot or ice) ¥420
Cola ¥300
Orange juice ¥300
* Child free
Ginger ale ¥300
Grapefruit juice ¥300

* All prices are exclusive of tax.

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